Category: Staff Team of the Year

Does your course have excellent content, which is logically timed and presented? Perhaps your team provide excellent offline and online support for learning? It is also important that you feel like you ‘belong’ to your subject and develop a bond with your course and the university – perhaps your course team go over and above to ensure this happened for you.

Maybe it isn’t a teaching team that has had an outstanding impact on your learning experience; it could also be a group of people who support your learning outside of the classroom, in the library, within student support or another University Department.

Tell us about it and ensure that the whole team get the recognition they deserve.

Please remember to be as specific as possible about the group of people you are nominating and provide a lead contact. Also include as many of its’ members as possible so we can pass on your thanks to everyone involved!

When completing your nomination form, remember to give us examples, scenarios and as much evidence as possible.

  • Excellent course management, communication and organisation.
  • Do they provide online and face to face support for learning or your well-being?
  • Excellent rounded support and guidance.
  • How they have gone above and beyond, why do they stand out?

This list is by no means exhaustive but will be used to help shortlist nominations!