Event Planning

Event Planning Process

An event is any society activity that is planned by the committee for the benefit and enjoyment of society members. The successful planning and delivery of events is the responsibility of all committee members and the process below should be followed for all events no matter what their size!

What event do you want to deliver?

Consider the aims and objectives of your society and what you can practically deliver Sometimes it’s best to start small and get to know your membership before planning a large event such as a social of formal (You can read up on planning bigger events here.

Where do you plan to host your event?

Decide if your event is online or in person, on or off campus.
Thinking about the expected number of students who are likely to attend your event will help you decide on the size of venue you need. Remember the earlier you can request your location the better! We have some specific advice on online event planning - take a look Online Events

When is you event going to take place?

Look at society year plan to see where your event might be best placed.
Society Timeline

Is your Societies Coordinator up to speed with what you are planning?

submit an event plan form
Event Plan Form

Cost – do you have the funds to cover the cost of the event?

They will get in touch to hopefully approve your grant application. This process can also take up to 5 days.

Read up on society finances and how to access money here
Society Finances. We’ve got a handy budget plan document to help keep you on track
Budget Plan
If you have outlined in your event plan form that you want to avail of a UUSU grant(and if your Societies Coordinator feels that your event is financially viable) they will ask you to submit a Grant Application Form
They will get in touch to hopefully approve your grant application. This process can also take up to 5 days.

So your event is provisionally approved, what next?

As the organisers of the event the society committee need to ensure everyone is kept safe – Read up on your Event Health & Safety obligations Health & Safety.
Your will need to carry out a risk assessment and submit to Events Coordinator for approval. Link to template. It can take up to 5 days to receive final approval for your event to take place so be patient!

Advertise your event

Your Events coordinator will work with you to ensure you get maximum exposure for your event so the earlier you confirm all the specific event details the better! Refer to your Publicity and Promotion handbook document for help Publicity and Promotion

Plan how your event will be delivered on the day.

Review our preferred suppliers list for guidance on who to buy goods from and use our Payment Purchase Form to process transactions.

Enjoy your event

Our code of conduct breach process document has information on how to deal with difficult situations which may arise during your event– Hopefully you won't need this but have it to hand just in case
Code of Conduct
If you took in any cash from the event submit a lodgement form and monies to the UUSU office asap
Lodgement Form

Review how it went

Meet as a committee and consider what went well, what went not so well and what you might do differently next time.
We would love to know how you event went so tag us in any pictures you take for social media!

Top tips!

Your Student Activities Team are here to help so keep in touch with us and ask for help and support when you need it.
Work collaboratively as a committee. Be respectful of each other’s commitments and time restraints.
Consider the unexpected
Light bulb!
There’s a lot involved in running event – give yourself time to work through each stage of the process Enjoy the ride!